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Download DFM Player.apk android apk files version 4.88 Size is 17671967 md5 is 8c7483f1d7c46647956d079bf530f111 By This Version Need Honeycomb 3.1 API level 12, NDK 6 or higher, We Index Version From this file.Version code 9 equal Version 4.88 .You can Find More info by Search nrb.apps.dfm.nvp7 On Google.If Your Search apps,nvp7,video,players,editors,player Will Find More like nrb.apps.dfm.nvp7,DFM Player 4.88 Downloaded 0 Time And All DFM Player App Downloaded Time. DFM Player is video and audio player with IPTV, YouTube searching and playing and integrated File Manager. Player consists from next main components: 1 – Video Player module 2 – Youtube module 3 – File Manager module 4 - IPTV module 5 - Torrent module( skipped, can be downloaded from Aptoide Store as DFM Torrent ) Video Player: Video Player allows you to play videoaudioimage files in different formats. It supports video and audio filters, different repeat operations, video scaling, video screenshots. You can also save video or audio while watching it. YouTube module: YouTube module has 3 main Views: Search View, Favorites View and Results View. Just start from YouTube Search View where different search options can be set: Upload date : use it to search for videos uploaded within specified period. Type : Video, Channel, Playlist, Movie, Show. use it to select type of the video to search. Duration : use it to specify video duration to search. Video quality : Any, Standard, HD for High Definition Video. Sort by : used to specify in which order you want data to be sorted before returning. By default it is sorted by View count, but you can choose for instance to sort by Date to get last uploaded videos first. You can search videos not only by key words, but also setting location coordinates – latitudelongitude of the point where videos were uploaded, for instance using latitudelongitude pair : 48.85, 2.35 returns videos uploaded in Paris. At the top of Search View there are 2 controls: First is used to provide search line which is comma separated list of key words, For example, you can type next key words: 1 – audiobooks 2 -,instrumental music 3 - classical guitar,Tom Savadel Please notice that search line classical guitar,Tom Savadel with comma between 2 key words "classical guitar" and "Tom Savadel" is quite different compared to next plane line: "classical guitar Tom Savadel" without comma use, the first line does return data but the second one is not. In Results View you first tap on some row to select it. Selected row can be or video or channel or playlist row depending on what search option Type you had used for the query. If it Channel or Playlist just tap it to open videos from that Channel or Playlist. But if it is a video row then you have 2 options: 1 – play this video (just tap on it to play) 2 – or if you don’t want to play this video but instead of want to view all videos from selected video’s Channel or just want to view all Playlists from the Channel to which selected video belongs. For that you should use second button from left sided toolbar (please take a look at screenshot 7) Also, there is another way to open video: When you select a video which has some kind of description, at the bottom of this View you will see description box. In many cases video owner provide some links to its other already uploaded videos or playlist or channels. If description box contains such links, they will be shown in green, and you can just tap on link to open that Playlist or Channel (please take a look at screenshot 8 which shows description box with such green link). You can add selected videochannelplaylist to Favorites for later quick access, for that you can use 8th button from left toolbar. At the top of Results View there is a search bar which you can use to apply filter to shown rows. To navigate between different query results, please use buttons 4(back) and 5(forward) from the left toolbar. DFM File Manager is tree view based file manager. The main window of DFM has 2 main panels: left with Tree view and right with 4 different views: table, list, thumbnails and icons. You can resize the width of each main panel using 2 finger swipe gesture. To logically structure files of your tablet it is recommended to use Libraries. In DFM libraries are folder like objects, so they can contain other sub-libraries, in addition to ordinary files and folders. Please, notice that same file(files) or folder can be included in several Libraries simultaneously. Now, you can easily use them to logically group your files and folders (which locations are not changed in tablet file system) at any level of hierarchy. For instance, you can group large collection of movie files by genres, actors, directors or awards by creating libraries MovieGenres, MovieActors, MovieDirectors and MovieAwards. Obviously, there will be also sub-libraries for each selected genre(like history, action), actor, director and so on.
DFM Player
Version: 4.88 (9)
Package: nrb.apps.dfm.nvp7
16.85 MB (17671967 bytes)
Target: Honeycomb 3.1 API level 12, NDK 6
added on 2018-11-09 02:28:37 by cppdev

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